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What Taylormade, Callaway, Ping (and all the other large golf companies) Don't Tell You About Club Length

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes hit your 3-wood as far or farther than your your driver?

Golf manufacturers use a "standard" driver length that is TOO long for 99% of ALL golfers. Their drivers are 45" to 46" where as the average length of drivers used by PGA Tour Professionals is 44.5".

Why is this done? Because, companies advertise that the longer the length is, the longer you will hit the ball. Except it only works when you have smooth tempo, a consistent square swing path, a LATE RELEASE OF YOUR WRIST-COCK ANGLE, good swing timing and rhythm.

If this isn't you, it's not going to work. Below is a chart of distances for each driver length.

Average 18 Hole Score Driver Length

Average Distance

94 - 106


195 yards
200 yards
207 yards

88 - 93


205 yards
210 yards
215 yards

82 - 87


215 yards
222 yards
226 yards

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