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Wishon 919THI

Graduated Roll Technology:

A flatter face from top to bottom to ensure the best possible flight no matter where the ball is hit on the face...ONLY ON 919THI!

Choosing the Best Set Make-Up

It used to be that golfers would buy a driver, 3 wood, 5 wood and a set of irons, 3-PW. This leaves the average golfer with clubs that don't have enough loft for many golfers to hit consistently. Therefore, common sense would dictate that these clubs should be replaced with ones that are easier to hit and achieve greater success.

We want to find the lowest-lofted wood and the lowest-lofted iron that the golfer can hit with reasonable consistency in terms of getting the ball up in the air and reasonably straight.

If the golfer cannot hit the 3-wood or 4-wood well up in the air at least 4 of 6 times, the club should not be in the bag. It is far better to have the first wood after the driver be a 5-wood or even 7-wood that the golfer can hit up in the air more than 90 percent of the time and give up a little distance, than to keep hoping for the right swing to be able to hit lower-lofted woods.

In terms of the irons, obviously we are talking about replacing low-lofted irons with hybrids or high-lofted fairway woods (9-wood, 11-wood). Our goal is to match this easy-to-hit, high-lofted wood to a distance that will replace the longer irons.

Length wise, it is just so much wiser to fit hybrids with the same length as the irons being replaced because that leads to a more consistent distance gap between the lowest lofted iron and the hybrid just above it. Loft wise, it depends on the golfer’s clubhead speed.

As to whether to go to a high-lofted wood or hybrid for the iron replacements, we look at two things:

  • The more the golfer sweeps the ball rather than hits down on the ball, the more likely that high-lofted woods will be a golfer’s iron replacements.
  • The golfer’s personal preference/opinion as to whether they are more comfortable or confident with a fairway wood or a hybrid.

Club head speed also plays a role in the set makeup determination. The slower the club head speed, the greater the loft gaps should be on all clubs.

Courtesy of Tom Wishon

Flat Cat Putter Grip from Lamkin

Revolutionary new putter grip shape that aligns your hands squarely with the putter face for deadly accurate putting stroke. Each side of the FLAT CAT grip is in a parallel plane with the putter face, allowing every golfer to establish a personal feel with the face of their putter no matter what their putting style – traditional, left-hand low, saw, claw and more.

Flat Cat Solution Putter Grip

Flat Cat Grip

Flat Cat Solution Counterweighted Grip

The Solution model (black / green) is also counter weighted for superb feel and provides the smoothest possible putting stroke.



XV Ultimate Thriver
Acer XV Ultimate Thriver

Tired of inconsistent tee shots. XV Ultimate Thriver will hit straighter, longer, more consistently solid tee shots. Stop hitting a 45" + Driver...it doesn't work! Shorter club length plus a large head size = BETTER DRIVING!

XDS Shank-Proof Hybrid Wedge
XDS Shank-Proof Hybrid Wedge

I am very satisfied. I am not shanking the ball. Using it from 80 yards in. Thanks for your help.  Bob D.
Pitching Wedge: 45°
Gap Wedge: 50°
Sand Wedge: 55°


Powerbilt Package Sets